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The One Soluble Boilies

The members of The One Soluble product line are characterized by premium quality, versatile usability, and excellent effectiveness.

In the development of The One Red Soluble Boilies, the primary focus was on creating a composition adaptable to changing circumstances, making it highly effective throughout the entire year. It inherently boasts a high protein content, but the inclusion of various carbohydrates, appetite stimulants, enzymes, and the spicy seasoning yields outstanding results across different water types and seasons. The Cajun spice extract forms the basis of its flavor profile, delivering a mildly spicy, peppery, garlicky liquid component that spreads exceptionally well in water. We've also emphasized harmonizing our unique composition with important liquid additives like attractants, stimulants, amino acids, and special extracts contributing to effectiveness, which the Red Soluble boilies exemplify.

The One Black Soluble Boilies excel in warmer summer waters. However, they can also prove successful in deeper waters and mine ponds throughout the year. It contains high-quality fishmeal with 72 % of protein content and all dry ingredients align toward a high protein profile. The special enzyme-treated protein powder and the water-soluble protein make it irresistible to carps. Among our soluble boilie range, this is recommended for anglers targeting trophy carps, favoring the non-cooked variations. Its liquid components are equally unique, featuring smoked fish extract alongside appetite enhancers and stimulants contributing to its effectiveness.

The One Purple Soluble Boilies thrive in warming and cooling waters, showing effectiveness during sudden weather changes. The contain high-quality 72% fishmeal, but the ratio of other protein sources and carbohydrate ingredients ensures they are less susceptible to water changes than average boilies. They also contain a significant percentage of carob, which is widely known to be highly favored by carps. The base of teir liquid components is garlic extract, complemented by appetite enhancers and stimulants contributing to its effectiveness.

The One Gold Soluble Boilies are most effective in lower water temperatures due to higher carbohydrate content in both flour and liquid components. When carp require more energy, they prefer the quickest and most easily accessible source. This boilie shouldn't be set aside in the summer; it's excellent for both grass carp fishing and smaller carp that often favor sweet carbohydrate variations in the summer. Additionally, it's recommended for shallow waters up to one and a half meters deep since its components release more in warm, shallow waters during the day compared to high-protein content variations. Its liquid base is 100% tiger nut extract, adding natural sweetness and one of carps' favorite treats to the boilie. Alongside this, appetite enhancers and stimulants further highlight the advantages of this valuable ingredient.

Available in 20 and 24 mm sizes, offering no compromises in distance, selectivity, or dissolution time length.

Dissolution time is influenced by many factors; hence, it's advisable to consider 2-4 hours, depending on size and water temperature.

With The One liquid product lines, we can intensify the boilies by emphasizing the liquid component performing best in specific conditions. This effect can be achieved by starting to soak them in the chosen liquid product at least half an hour before use.

Supplemented with The One Secret Juice and The One Liquid Activator product lines, extraordinary results can be achieved.

Número de referencia Tipo Flavoring Tamaño Empaquetado
98036-120 THE ONE RED SOLUBLE 20 MM 1KG Nuevo SolubleRed20 mm1 kg
98036-124 THE ONE RED SOLUBLE 24 MM 1KG Nuevo SolubleRed24 mm1 kg
98036-320 THE ONE BLACK SOLUBLE 20 MM 1KG Nuevo SolubleBlack20 mm1 kg
98036-324 THE ONE BLACK SOLUBLE 24 MM 1KG Nuevo SolubleBlack24 mm1 kg
98036-520 THE ONE PURPLE SOLUBLE 20 MM 1KG Nuevo SolublePurple20 mm1 kg
98036-524 THE ONE PURPLE SOLUBLE 24 MM 1KG Nuevo SolublePurple24 mm1 kg
98036-720 THE ONE GOLD SOLUBLE 20 MM 1KG Nuevo SolubleGold20 mm1 kg
98036-724 THE ONE GOLD SOLUBLE 24 MM 1KG Nuevo SolubleGold24 mm1 kg

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