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Not only a beginner angler can be happy with a set of high-quality hooks.

It is a great relief for anyone if they compile the instead of them what hooks are necessary for fishing for peaceful fish.

If this is also accompanied by the right-sized swivels, then it is more than good. The Kamasaki Super Hook and Spinner set consists of the following components: Hooks, 10 of each: - Size 16 thin meat, light bream hook, similar in shape to the Drennan Fine Match.

Its long tip is excellent for baiting bloodworms. Golden color. - Size 14, long stem sode hook, which is best recommended for bream. It is a great favorite for river fishing. We recommend it for both maggots and worms. Black Nickel color. - Size 12 hook also in gold color. - Size 10, round bay, short shank, classic carp hook, mainly for corn baits, in gold color. Then it's big brothers in sizes 8, 6, and 4, as well as a size 4 hook of the same shape in black nickel color. Each hook has a flat design. Swivels, 10 of each: size 8 and 6 barrels, i.e. barrel swivels, which are both suitable for bottom or float equipment. Its strength is adequate for a matching tackle. And all of this is sold in a practical, 10-pack, foldable box that fits in a small space

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12044-503 SET KAMASAKI 100UDS